Outdoor Kitchen and Patio


Hardscaping, Landscaping, Masonry, Outdoor Kitchens, Patios, Pavers, Plantings, Sitting Walls, Walkways

About This Project


Patio – Flagstone

Outdoor Kitchen – Eldorado Stone

Sitting/Ankle Wall – Rinox Rio 135


This was a very delicately planned job, with a mature maple tree sitting in the center of the patio. To ensure that the patio would not effect the tree an arborist was consulted to give an expert opinion on the effects of the patio on the tree. The arborist also gave the tree a series of treatments of fertilizer to help the tree during the construction process. The client wanted the patio to be very environmentally friendly, so the construction of this patio was as uninvasive as possible. The base to the patio was modified to allow for the roots of the tree to remain intact. After installing the base material and the flagstone, play sand was swept into the joints instead of the normal polymeric sand usually used in patios to allow the water to pass through to reach the tree roots. Along the other side of the tree was a river rock and flagstone stepping stone sitting area with a sitting wall. Installed on the patio was a full outdoor kitchen with a sink, refrigerator and a wall for her grill. Installed under the countertops were undercap lighting to light up the kitchen area for an elegant look in the evening hours as well as along the wall are undercap lights to light up the sitting area at night.