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Pavers are not just a popular choice for patios and walkways, but for driveways as well. Pavers are available in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors and can be installed in virtually a limitless pattern allowing you to give your drive a unique look that not only compliments your home and landscaping but will give you a wow factor anyone can appreciate.

Unlike asphalt or concrete, paver driveways that are properly installed and maintained can last up to 50 years and can be removed and replaced rather easily for minor repairs. Concrete paver driveways will not crack from weather and combine the strength and comfort of newly poured, solid driveway surfaces with the flexibility they lack.  Pavers also offer more traction than other materials making your home’s exterior safer in wet and icy conditions.


Another benefit of using pavers in your driveway is they are more eco-friendly than asphalt and concrete driveways that allow rain water to pick up oil and any other chemicals on the surface and allows them to seep in the soil. Because pavers are permeable they allow water to drain between the gaps into the crushed stone below allowing it to be able to absorb up to 10 inches of rain per hour, decreasing the chance of flooding from runoff.

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