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Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing marks the start of backyard season quite like a cookout. Cooking outside is a welcome change from the usual routine, and it’s just as easy as to cook in outdoor kitchens as it is in an indoor one. Why run back and forth to the house when you can make all of your preparations right outside.


We can build outdoor kitchens that blend seamlessly with an existing or new patio, or that stand alone on their own merit. Outdoor kitchen designs can include amenities such as food preparation areas, cabinets, outdoor appliances (such as refrigerators, ice makers and ovens), outdoor grills, pizza ovens, sinks, outdoor bars and dining spaces.

What to Consider For Your Project
  • Prioritize your needs versus wants
  • Choose a grill type, whether you want gas or charcoal, commercial or multi burners
  • Storage options
  • Location of your new kitchen
  • Food prep and counter space
  • Additional appliances such as refrigeration, smoker, or brick oven
  • Lighting Options
  • Built in seating options
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